A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Media Plan for Healthcare Recruitment

A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Media Plan for Healthcare Recruitment

Developing an annual media plan to fill your open positions can help you lower your cost per hire, give you a clear picture of where your recruitment marketing dollars are going and provide a cohesive blueprint to all of your recruiting activities.

As opposed to just reacting to the newest greatest need, a well-thought out media plan allows your healthcare organization to be proactive in its pursuit of top talent to fill their most critical needs.

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A New Year Recruitment Plan for Healthcare Recruitment

The New Year kicks off new resolutions, new goals and typically in healthcare, new important hiring initiatives. Be ready to attract top candidates by having a solid plan in place.

Having an annual recruitment marketing and media plan is essential to the success of reaching and attracting potential employees while at the same time building a long term and sustainable employer brand.

This will require a skillful mix of content in many forms, social and digital media and applicant tracking technology. If you have not already done so, now is a good time to review and/or implement the following strategies in your recruitment marketing program:

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Creating Effective Content for Healthcare Recruitment

Content Marketing is a proven way to create awareness for your Employer Brand.

Most healthcare recruiters are already stretched for time, and little of that time is devoted to developing and executing a marketing plan to attract top talent. For many healthcare organizations, the “plan” devolves into a series of spray and pray tactics –Facebook ads, random job postings, resume mining… all done on the fly in the hopes of generating a few quick candidates.

What’s needed instead, is a well thought out content recruitment marketing program.

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4 Recruitment Marketing Tips for Community Hospitals

Leverage and communicate your key unique strengths in order to compete with large Health Systems.

The acute shortage of nurses and allied health professionals has been well documented in the healthcare industry. While the shortage of experienced professionals is an industry-wide issue, those hardest hit are often the stand alone, community hospitals struggling to compete for top talent with the big health systems.

Community hospitals, are, as the name implies, integral part of the neighborhoods in which they exist – delivering babies, taking care of emergencies and employing people from the surrounding areas.

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How to Create a Talent Pipeline for Healthcare Recruitment

Developing a robust talent pipeline addresses your hiring needs for both the present and the future.

A talent pipeline is defined as a ready-made pool of applicants that can be quickly tapped into whenever a resignation, retirement or new position opens up.

However, many organizations do not nurture, grow or invest in their talent community thus creating an endless cycle of dealing with short term emergency hiring needs.

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Ask The Experts: Search Engine Optimization for Healthcare Recruitment

While in the past, SEO was reserved primarily for consumer marketing, more and more healthcare organizations are implementing it as part of a comprehensive recruitment marketing plan.

In order to understand better how it can work for HR, we sat down with two healthcare marketing experts to get their take on SEO and its best practices for recruitment.

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What to include in the modern healthcare recruitment marketing budget

By using advanced digital marketing techniques traditionally employed in consumer marketing, recruiters can stand a better chance at bringing in more qualified candidates.

The modern recruitment marketing plan must be more like a consumer marketing plan and less like an old school recruitment plan. The reasoning behind this is simple: Today’s most sought after candidates consider new job opportunities and new employers the same way that they might consider buying a car, a home or any other consumer driven purchase.

Include the following elements in your recruitment marketing plan to ensure you’re speaking to your candidate:

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Alternative Social Media Sites for Healthcare Recruitment

Take a deeper dive in to these sites to enhance your social recruitment marketing.

 Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn: The mainstays of many healthcare recruitment marketing plans. Certainly it makes sense given Facebook’s 30 million business pages, Twitter’s hundreds of million tweets per day and LinkedIn’s 500 million users. But looking beyond the big three, there are other social media sites that offer the same targeting opportunities with less noise, clutter and competition.

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Employee Retention Ideas for Healthcare Recruitment

Honest and open two-way communication are critical to Employee Retention.

Nearly every healthcare organization has a plan to attract and hire top talent but how many have a program designed to keep their rising stars happy and nurture their growth?

Many healthcare organizations are reluctant to discuss underlying organizational issues let alone address them head on with employees. But that can ultimately be a recipe for disaster. The following are a few ways you can head employee issues off at the pass and keep the staff you’ve worked so hard to obtain in the first place.

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Why you should Implement SEO for Healthcare Recruitment

This often overlooked and underutilized marketing tactic can be the difference between finding or missing out on the right candidate.

Marketers all over the world utilize SEO to introduce their products and services to customers, so why don’t healthcare organizations use it to reach and obtain top talent?

Many recruiters often assume they won’t be able to compete with Indeed and the other major players in the search results.  This isn’t always true and it decreases the number of organizations even trying it in the first place because they assume a poor ROI.

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