4 Tips for Search Engine Optimization for Healthcare Recruitment

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Follow these basics to achieve SEO nirvana for your healthcare organization

One of the most misunderstood, yet most important, aspects of healthcare recruitment is SEO, or Search Engine Optimization. Ask healthcare recruiters about email marketing, display ads and Facebook? You’ll get a litany of case studies and results. SEO? Not so much.

But while unknown, SEO doesn’t have to induce an HR-sized brain cramp. When looking to get started, consider the following: Read more

Maximize your Social Media Presence for Healthcare Recruitment

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Boost you recruitment success with a savvy use of social Media

Right now, your best potential candidates are probably hanging out on a variety of social media sites, particularly Facebook, Twitter and Linked in. If you go where they live, you’ll have limitless opportunities to attract top talent, efficiently and instantaneously. But first, it’s important to understand how to utilize Social Media to your best advantage with an AUTHENTIC, ACTIVE presence that can give you an unparalleled advantage in attracting top, healthcare talent.

Yes, it’s a noisy, over-crowded, ever-shifting landscape out there, but you can stand out as a sought-after employer with these 5 INSIGHTS into using social media to maximize healthcare recruitment potential.

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4 Steps to Creating a Marketing Plan for Healthcare Recruitment

Healthcare Marketing Plan

The key to recruiting success is creating a marketing plan and sticking to it.

A question that I am asked all the time by healthcare human resources clients is how to best allocate the limited resources that they have and create a marketing plan that reaches and attracts the best talent while giving them the best bang for their buck.

While the answer to this is multi-factorial, it’s important to realize that having some type of plan is a lot better than having no plan at all, which is how many healthcare organizations operate.

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Best Practices of Employee Retention for Healthcare Recruitment

Employee Retention
Follow these tips for a healthy, happy and productive workforce.

Employee retention is a critical component to the success of an organization. It is important to understand which engagement, communication and reward strategies work best for your healthcare organization.

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4 Tips to Harnessing the Power of SEO for Healthcare Recruitment

An SEO blueprint on how to drive qualified candidates to your job postings

It’s no longer good enough to post jobs on external job boards and wait for the resumes to pour in. Top talent has numerous employment options, and you are one of many vying for a candidate’s attention.

The simple truth is that most job searches start on search engines, not job boards. And Google has become the preeminent job seekers search tool of choice.

In fact, in a typical month, there are over 360,000,000 long tail job-related searches (e.g. highly targeted searches such as pediatric registered nurse Brooklyn ny) on Google. https://www.recruiter.com/i/4-search-engine-tips-to-attract-top-talent/ Thus, It is crucial to adhere to basic Google best practices in order for them to show you as a result in relevant job searches.

When someone starts their job search by asking Google, Yahoo or Bing to show them nursing jobs in a specific location, you want your careers page to be optimized in order to be front and center as an answer to their question.

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5 tips to writing a killer job posting for healthcare recruitment

Healthcare Job Postings
Use these techniques to get the best bang for your job posting buck

 TODAY’S JOB BOARDS are filled with pages and pages of healthcare facilities recruiting physicians, nurses, physician assistants and other key healthcare personnel.

But how can you cut through the noise and optimize your job postings to make them more effective?

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5 Steps for Creating an Employer Brand for Healthcare Recruitment

Creating an Employer Brand
Creating an Employer Brand is the key to recruitment advertising success.

One of the great truths about healthcare recruitment is that there is a growing demand for experienced talent and a dwindling supply. Yes, people are living longer and that’s a good thing (for all of us) but that doesn’t mean that it has increased the number of people responsible for taking care of them.

The demand for physicians, not to mention registered nurses, medical administrators and the bevy of other roles that are just as critical for healthcare as the MDs these jobs support, provides recruiters today with a significant set of challenges.

A major key to any healthcare organization’s success is the ability to identify and promote its employer brand. A Healthcare organization’s Employer Brand can be defined as to position one’s organization as an employer of choice within a given marketplace.

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Creating an Effective Employee Referral Program for Healthcare Recruitment

Effective Employee Referral Program for Healthcare Recruitment

Follow these tips to get all your employees involved, raise company morale, and fill you pipeline with top talent.

WHEN IT COMES to hiring talent, there’s no better return on investment like that of a referral for healthcare recruiters. Having a quality candidate brought in by one of your existing employees is good for morale and even better for your bottom line.

Chances are, the candidate already has a positive opinion of your organization and has come to your door without you spending a dime on marketing or taking the time to sift through resumes and present candidates that are not a good fit for the position.

While the benefits of a well run Employee Referral Program can be many, it takes planning, organization and execution to create a successful campaign.

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5 Tips for Creating a Successful Open House Event for Healthcare Recruitment

Save The Date Pink Orange Dots

Use these tips to attract rock star employees to your team and win the praise of your boss and colleagues.

Whether its utilizing technology through search and digital marketing to sourcing and connecting with candidates on LinkedIn, today’s Healthcare Recruiters have a lot of options in their toolkit when it comes to recruiting top talent.

But despite all this, there’s no tactic that combines the one-on-one connection and the ability to close the deal like the old school Open House Event.

Open Houses allow healthcare recruiters to demonstrate their employer brand in action to potential new employees. It’s an opportunity for your best prospects to learn first hand about your company culture, your values and to meet some of your existing star employees who love working for your company.

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