4 Tips for using Pinterest for Healthcare Recruitment

Pinterest for Healthcare

Use Pinterest to present images and content that represent who you are as a healthcare employer and why a candidate would be interested in working for you.

Many Healthcare recruitment organizations have developed and executed strategies for social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Pinterest? Not so much.

However before you blow off the online pinboard, realize that Pinterest is a highly popular social curation platform that presents healthcare recruiters with a vast and growing audience that may be interested in your facility, your openings and your employer brand.

According to DMR, a popular clearinghouse for original and curated digital marketing tips, news and stats, Pinterest now boasts over 100 million active users.

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5 Ways to Maximize Your Company Values for Healthcare Recruitment

Core values concept word cloud background

When marketed effectively, company values can mean the difference between winning or losing out on the right employee for your healthcare organization.

Company values are the organizational “glue” that connects your hospital or healthcare system and your employees and to the reasons why they work for you. In fact, according to the recruitment blog talentsmoothie, the effective communication of a company’s values can improve the commitment of new hires by up to 29%.

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How to Effectively Use Digital Marketing for Healthcare Recruitment

Smiling medical team
Achieve your recruiting goals by using digital marketing to recruit top healthcare talent.

Recruitment advertising has significantly changed in the past several years. Print is no longer king and now digital advertising has taken the forefront in recruitment strategy.

Having the ability to pinpoint your desired audience and engage them with messages specific to their personal and professional life is paramount to your recruitment success.

In order for today’s healthcare recruiters to improve their recruitment ROI while attracting top talent, a more effective way to go beyond traditional avenues of advertising is needed.

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