5 Job Posting Musts for Healthcare Recruitment

 Your postings should promote your employer brand and give candidates their first opportunity to learn about your healthcare organization.

 A hospital job posting serves an important purpose: Broadcast your open positions to a lot of candidates, across a broad spectrum of industry niche sites, general job boards and professional associations.

However job postings can also be an effective and valuable recruitment marketing tool if crafted the right way. There are opportunities to tell your healthcare organization’s story and get job seekers excited about your opportunities.

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5 Tips to Attract IT Professionals for Healthcare Recruitment

IT Pro
Use a combination of new and tested methods for discovering qualified IT candidates for your healthcare organization.

While Nursing, Physician and Allied Health Professionals typically take top priority for healthcare recruiters, acquiring top IT talent to your healthcare organization is as equally important.

As Information Technology increasingly penetrates the healthcare industry, physicians, staff and patients are experiencing the benefits of on-demand access to medical information where, when and how it is needed.

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5 tips to writing a killer job posting for healthcare recruitment

Healthcare Job Postings
Use these techniques to get the best bang for your job posting buck

 TODAY’S JOB BOARDS are filled with pages and pages of healthcare facilities recruiting physicians, nurses, physician assistants and other key healthcare personnel.

But how can you cut through the noise and optimize your job postings to make them more effective?

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