5 Ways to use Employee Testimonials for Healthcare Recruitment

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There is no more powerful tool when recruiting employees to your healthcare organization than the employee testimonial. 

When you utilize employee testimonials to promote your healthcare organization you create a unique opportunity to showcase your employer brand and culture to potential new hires via the words of your own employees.

Employee testimonials are effective because job applicants prefer the input of other people (who are similar to them) and it gives your healthcare organization a human persona.

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5 Ways to Maximize Your Company Values for Healthcare Recruitment

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When marketed effectively, company values can mean the difference between winning or losing out on the right employee for your healthcare organization.

Company values are the organizational “glue” that connects your hospital or healthcare system and your employees and to the reasons why they work for you. In fact, according to the recruitment blog talentsmoothie, the effective communication of a company’s values can improve the commitment of new hires by up to 29%.

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5 Unique Places to Look for Candidates for Healthcare Recruitment

Global healthcare places

Follow these out-of-the-box tips to lower your cost per hire and increase your candidate pool.

Every healthcare recruiter is familiar with job boards, email blasts and career fairs. But the ability to find more of the right talent more often than your competitors can mean the difference between winning and losing for many healthcare organizations.

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5 Tips to Attracting Top Talent for Healthcare Recruitment

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Follow these principals to ensure that you’re hiring and retaining the best and brightest.

It’s no secret that the health care organizations that perform the best are the ones with the best talent. Your organization can boast the latest technology and state-of-the-art everything, but without the talent in place to back it up, your company is going nowhere fast.

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