4 Unique Social Media Sites for Healthcare Recruitment

To find the right person for your open position, you’ve got to be a part of the right conversations.

Healthcare recruiters are all too familiar with the strategy of posting jobs on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. But in today’s highly competitive war for top healthcare talent, that is often not enough.

While Facebook and its 1.45 billion users worldwide need a place in your recruitment marketing plan, it is also critically important to include niche social sites and online communities to help find passive candidates for your hard-to-fill positions.

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4 Tips for using Pinterest for Healthcare Recruitment

Pinterest for Healthcare

Use Pinterest to present images and content that represent who you are as a healthcare employer and why a candidate would be interested in working for you.

Many Healthcare recruitment organizations have developed and executed strategies for social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Pinterest? Not so much.

However before you blow off the online pinboard, realize that Pinterest is a highly popular social curation platform that presents healthcare recruiters with a vast and growing audience that may be interested in your facility, your openings and your employer brand.

According to DMR, a popular clearinghouse for original and curated digital marketing tips, news and stats, Pinterest now boasts over 100 million active users.

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5 ways to Use Instagram for Healthcare Recruitment


When it comes to securing the talent of tomorrow, Instragram is a highly credible, highly utilized social media channel.

Over the past few years, Instagram has become one of the most dominant social networks. Officially launched on April 6, 2010, Instagram had over 1 million users in a month and there are now over 300 million active users worldwide.

According to Sprout Social, a leading social media management and engagement platform for businesses, 53% of those users are between the ages of 18 – 29, which makes Instagram a great platform for reaching the emerging millennial talent pool.

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How to become a social recruiter for healthcare recruitment

Businesswoman pressing people icon on the digital touch screen

Harness the power of social media to source, engage and hire new talent.

Healthcare as an industry had been slow to adopt social marketing, but recruiters are ow realizing that it is critical to get up to speed, in order to remain competitive.

Use of social media across the healthcare industry is currently at an all time high. Naturally, recruiters are following these professionals, and a new generation of recruiting specialists has been spawned: the “Social Recruiter”, seen as some as a hybrid of both HR and marketing.

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Social Media Do’s and Don’ts for Healthcare Recruitment

Do's and Don'ts
Knowing the new etiquette can make the difference in hiring the candidate you want.

“According to Statista Facebook has already reached 1.49 billion active users as well as 304 million Twittter users and over 107 million Americans registered on LinkedIn.”

It’s a noisy social media world out there and the rules are changing every day. However, when used effectively, social media can give you an unparalleled advantage in attracting top healthcare talent.

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Creating a Social Media Content Calendar for Healthcare Recruitment

Calendar, Personal Organizer, Week.
The implementation of a content calendar will get your social media plan organized and improve your recruitment ROI.

Healthcare HR teams often start social media campaigns with the best of intentions. The Facebook page is created, jobs are posted and a smattering of “Likes” appear on the page.

But what often happens is that social media activities get pushed to the side in the face of the hectic pace of interviews, meetings and other day-to-day activities.

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Best Social Media Tools for Healthcare Recruitment

Social Media Tools
In today’s ultra-competitive job market, recruitment and social media marketing strategies must be intertwined to attract top talent.

I’m often surprised by how many healthcare human resources departments are operating in the Stone Age as it relates to attracting top talent.

Organizations that are simply posting jobs that list generic qualifications, job responsibilities and clichés (“looking for a self-motivated team player”) are behind the times and losing the war for qualified candidates.

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Maximize your Social Media Presence for Healthcare Recruitment

social media icons
Boost you recruitment success with a savvy use of social Media

Right now, your best potential candidates are probably hanging out on a variety of social media sites, particularly Facebook, Twitter and Linked in. If you go where they live, you’ll have limitless opportunities to attract top talent, efficiently and instantaneously. But first, it’s important to understand how to utilize Social Media to your best advantage with an AUTHENTIC, ACTIVE presence that can give you an unparalleled advantage in attracting top, healthcare talent.

Yes, it’s a noisy, over-crowded, ever-shifting landscape out there, but you can stand out as a sought-after employer with these 5 INSIGHTS into using social media to maximize healthcare recruitment potential.

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