How can you improve your post?

Even well-structured text with an attractive title and caldo de pollo xxx can be improved and made more useful. Here are some tips to help you:

Don’t use long introductions. The average length of a post is 2000 characters, allocate no more than 300 characters for an introduction. We recommend getting straight to the point so you can show your readers that you value their time.
Write in the reader’s language. Do not use epithets, stilted phrases and exclamatory sentences. Do not get carried away with highly specialized terminology.
Remember the rhythm of the text. Alternate between short and long sentences, so the text will be more comfortable to read.
Don’t forget visuals. To format the text, you can use pictures, photographs, diagrams, graphs. It is important that they also reflect the essence of the post.
Don’t forget emotions. Facts are good, but without the sensory experience and emotions, the post will look like an article from a popular science magazine. To add emotions, use not abstract, but specific words that reflect your attitude to the issue or add colors to the text.
Think about the benefit to the reader. Important: not about what you need – your interests may not find a response among users of social networks, but about what the reader needs.
Engage readers in the discussion. Ask a question at the end of the post and motivate to write comments.
Write regularly. It is better to publish short posts twice a week than a long one once a month. The audience should not forget about you, and social networking algorithms are loyal to accounts that publish content on an ongoing basis.
To write a post for VKontakte or Instagram, you do not need to wait for inspiration or a special occasion. When nothing works out at all, start writing everything that comes to mind, even if these thoughts have nothing to do with the topic of the post. Gradually, you will tune in to a working mood and be able to fix theses.