Mention and geolocation in Instagram stories can now be added when entering text

You can now mention another account or add geolocation to Instagram stories while typing.

It works as follows. When you click on the add text button in the upper right corner, an input panel opens at the bottom. Two buttons “Mention” and “Location” appeared above it.

To mention a person in a story, we press the appropriate button and the social network offers us accounts for tagging, you can also type them manually.

To add a location, also click on it and go to a new window. On the page that opens, you can select one of the nearest places or add a geolocation to your story from the search.

In this case, the geolocation will be displayed in the same way as if you added it using a sticker. But when adding a location while typing, the sticker has fewer design options.

More color options when using the sticker:

To be fair, mentioning via text in stories has worked before, so essentially just adding geolocation when typing is new.