Mutual PR in Telegram

The essence of this method of promotion is the exchange of mutual posts about badava rascal movie download with larger channels. The main thing is that these channels should be close to yours in terms of topics.

Do not treat them as competitors and feel free to offer a mutual exchange of publications. Usually, the owners of such channels understand that they can expand their target audience in this way and are willing to exchange.

It is very important that the posts do not carry a frank advertising character. Publications with joint contests, sweepstakes and exclusive information work best.

Be sure to agree with the owner of the other channel the time and date, how long the post should be in the top and not be deleted.

Advice. When exchanging posts, arrange for them to be published on different days so that readers do not jump from ad to ad. So you get more profit from the exchange.

Keep in mind that the more famous your channel and the more subscribers, the less the effect of mutual PR will be.