The Empowered not Impaired Podcast is for parents of children with special needs, and their lifelong quest for a better life for these children, their family, and themselves. As a dad myself of 16 year old triplets—two of whom are on the autism spectrum—and the author of a forthcoming book for special needs parents entitled SuperParent™, I’ll be your guide on this incredible journey. 

Each week, we will look at the positive views of having  a child (or children) with special needs as well as the significant work that still needs to be done. We will explain and explore the ways  individuals are uniquely human, and in fact, empowered, in spite of any labels or bias. We will focus on success stories of people who are overcoming barriers—from authors, to basketball players, the everyday parent, teachers, entrepreneurs, and beyond. We’ll talk to people who—through their businesses and services—have made an incredibly impactful contribution to these children and their families.

We will blow up the myths about what people with special needs can and cannot do and de-stigmatizing every decades old fallacy along the way. 

We’ll talk with experts with tips and advice to help your child live their best life, and you’ll hear interviews from educators, advocates, influencers, and parents just like you. Because of my own experience and deep passion for breaking down barriers about autism,  I will spend concentrated time and energy interviewing  people who are on the spectrum and people who have spent their lives dedicated to autism awareness and advocacy. I realized in research how applicable my own life lessons with any parent or caretaker of a child with special needs. Through these discussions, we’ll provide tools, tips, and strategies to help you and your child prepare for the next phase of their lives. 

The Empowered not Impaired Podcast will dive deep into possibilities and opportunities—rather than disabilities to help give you—our SuperParent™ listeners, a weekly dose of inspiration. Join us! Let’s build this community together.  For more resources, please visit